Wrestler Spits In Little Girls Face And Her Father Lets Them Hands Fly


Bizarrely, wrestling has always had to deal with accusations that it’s staged or fake. For some people this is a big deal. For others, gimmicks like rising from the dead, practicing voodoo magic on your opponents or hailing from ‘the outer reaches of your mind’ make the stagecraft just part of the fun. You know what’s not hilariously fake though? Spitting on a little girl. Watch what happens when a wrestler does just that.


Big Time Wrestling’s Devin Danger was approaching the ring at an event in Salinas California. As part of his entrance, he took the time to make the fans feel involved with the production and antagonise them. Again, that’s usually part of the fun. Everyone loves to hate the heel and they love it more when the heel ‘hates’ them right back. As part of his theatrics, Danger made as if he was going to shake a little girl’s hand. And when we say a ‘little’ girl, we mean a little girl. She can’t have been older than six. Of course, Danger didn’t shake the little girl’s hand, he spat on her instead.


Dad did would any dad would do in the circumstance. He came out swinging. There was no stamping of the foot as the inside of his wrist met the wrestler’s forehead and there were no cheerful ten-counts from the audience as Dad unleashed the fury.If anything there was resignation and panic from Danger who tried to escape Dad’s rage. Eventually security got in between the two of them and broke it up.


It seems now that Danger spat gum at the little girl, and afterwards he went on Twitter to announce his apology. While it’s all well and good that the issue was cleared up, it’s pretty hard to see this as anything but a really poor decision from Danger. It’s fine to play the heel, but spitting anything at a child is just dumb.