VIDEO: Nate Diaz – “Khabib Is Scared For His Life Against Conor McGregor”

The feud between Diaz and McGregor has yet to fade but this didn’t stop Nate from offering words on Khabib and his style of fighting. Seemingly siding with Conor for the highly sought after fight between the Irishman and the Russian. Despite stating he wasn’t siding with anyone the comments definitely gravitated towards Conor winning the fight.

But who are we to judge, the stats add up either way with Conor coming in as the underdog into the fight this evening. Diaz is a personality in MMA that is two of a kind, the other half shared with his brother Nick Diaz. Both fighters hold extraordinary fan bases.  Nate Diaz recently spoke on an interview with TMZ Sports where he let out his opinion on the Khabib vs. Conor fight. Obviously, Diaz being Diaz doesn’t care who wins the fight.


Quotes courtesy of MMA Mania. Diaz had this to say about both fighters overall and the hierarchy of the fight compared to his upcoming bout next month. “I already told you about those guys, I slapped the shit out of both of them, they need to quit acting like them motherf*ckers are running shit. There’s one king in this motherf*cker and he’s right here. Double knockout as far as I’m concerned. But let’s get something. Let’s get a fight. No bitch-ass hold on for your life, ‘I work so hard’… That boy [Nurmagomedov] ain’t fought nobody. He went and grabbed on for his life against everybody. He fights like a scared little bitch. I’m going for the fighters in this one.”

When asked about styles and who poses problems for each other and in what aspect Diaz replied saying. “I think Conor’s got a way better fighting style, Khabib’s scared for his life, so I don’t know how good he’s going to do with that. He might get scared and hold on for his life. I hope that’s not happening for the sake of fighting. We don’t need two boring ass champions. I ain’t fighting no trilogy. He already got his ass whipped. He can fight everybody else, I got shit to do too.”

The fight is fast approaching and we will indeed see who the real king of 155lbs is. Diaz seems adamant that he is the real king. Maybe despite his lack of interest in a trilogy changes after tonight. But we here at Muay Thai Authority are here to keep you posted every step of the way.