VIDEO: Mother Drives Daughter To School While Drugged Out Of Her Mind


Heroin is a hell of a drug. The hold that smack has over even a one-time user is absolutely gob smacking, turning even the most responsible of adults into jittering lunatics chasing their next hit at any cost. The drug that has torn apart hundreds of thousands of families around the world causes massive issues, not just socially, but also from a safety point of view as we see in the clip below where a mother, allegedly doped to the eyeballs, attempts to drive her kids to the store.


Responsibility has been thrown out the window as she remains under the drug’s control. The mother is seen to be nodding off whilst sitting behind the wheel. Her kids try to converse with her, one sitting in the back, one, a little older in the front. She doesn’t seem to understand that she will be unable to start the car without keys. And a good thing too… until one of the kids hands her the keys, saying “I’m ready”. The mother’s eyes roll back in her daze as he neglect for her own children hits the viewer head-on.


One of the kids says “my belly is growling at me,” which is absolutely heartbreaking. It seems inconceivable that someone is capable of neglecting their young to such a high degree and abandon their responsibilities so readily. We then get an insight into the things that are going on in her life as a result of or to cause to her current situation. In an incoherent rambling.

She says: “look I’m tired, I’m a single mother doing everything, and you’re f**king up, he’s f**king breaking up with me because of my son, it’s all about y’all.” It is clear the mother is going through tough times to even turn to the drug, but it is hard to know what began first to get her into the mess her life is in. Check out the shocking video on the player below.