VIDEO: 4 Irish Conor McGregor Fans Get Knocked Out Cold By Russians In Vegas


Fan Gets Knocked Out Cold In Russian Vs. Irish Brawl After The Khabib Mcgregor Fight

Well, they say that behavior breeds behavior. And as the fighters in the main card at UFC 229 broke all the rules, transitioning from professional fighters to public brawlers in an instant, thousands of people who know no better saw this as an invitation to do the same. That is not to say that the vast majority of people who watched the chaos unfold didn’t immediately denounce it. There were some, however, maybe charged with Adrenalin, or other substances that had their judgement clouded.

The clip below was shot outside T-Mobile arena in the concourse area. We see there are fans everywhere milling about or on their way home. But there are two groups of men, one Irish, and the other said to be Russian who wore their nationalistic allegiances on their sleeves as they engaged in a Stout. Starting off with a bit of push and shove, we see a Russian guy with a psycho-looking bowl haircut put his phone in his left hand, ready to make it count.


He lets fly with a left hook and all of a sudden it is on. A bearded guy comes from downtown, walking briskly into the action swinging like a wild man. There are punches being thrown everywhere and no one seems to be doing anything to break it up as the rest of the crowd scatters. A circle forms and a woman’s voice rings out chanting ‘Ole, Ole’ encouraging the drunk crowd to join in.

Phones are whipped out as the fight goes sidekicks a break in proceedings comes about, the groups separate and form two ranks. An Irishman dances a drunken jig, as Irishman do, before giving the double middle finger to some of the Russians. A man from the side kicks him in the hands, setting him off to go on the offensive. He slips on spilled beer before spitting at the man like an animal.

Well, that does it, the Russian who has just been spat on lines up the Irish bloke with a perfect Right cross sending him crashing to the deck, out cold. Blood flows from his nose as he lays motionless.The crowd goes ballistic and the fight breaks up, its participants knowing that the police will likely get involved in this one. The shocking footage can be viewed here: