This Is What Happens When Your Dating UFC Killer Mark Hunt’s Daughter

Mark Hunt is an MMA and Kickboxing legend is one of the most feared fighters on the planet. Mark Hunt made a name for himself in Japan fighting under the legendary K-1 Promotion. He eventually made the move to MMA where he fought nothing but legends in PrideFC.

After signing with the UFC, Hunt turned his career around and quickly climbed the heavyweight ranks as he knocked out opponent after opponent on his rise to a title fight. Mark is mostly known for his scary knockout power.

In his prime he was known for having one of the best chins in combat sports as well as a vicious walk off knockout sequence. Hunt holds the record for most walk off knockouts in combat sports history.

In this video you see Hunt team up with popular youtube star for a comedy sketch about a young punk attempting to pick up his daughter for a date. This is what happens when you take his daughter on a date and find out who her father is.