Smack Talking Conor McGregor Wannabe Gets Merked In Broad Daylight


It isn’t often that arthouse film making meets violent street fights, but that is exactly what we have here. The person who shot the footage below obviously has a shot as the next big thing in film. His Hitchcock-esque shots are enchanting; switching between protagonists and catching the light perfectly. The scene is masterfully set when a group of big-mouthed, trash-talking gangsters took a disliking to another group of guys at the beach.

They were obviously looking for trouble and weren’t going to leave before fulfilling their blood lust. The clip opens a little inland, where the two groups are confronting each other. There is an obvious alpha male of one of the groups who sports a baseball cap, strangely pubic facial hair and disgraceful teeth. It’s okay because, spoiler alert, he’s the one about to get half his teeth knocked out anyway.

One to the black guys speaks to the camera, documentary style, explaining that the douche bag if angry because they followed them and now they won’t fight. But persistence pays off and after repeated returns to the group in an attempt to provoke them the douche finally gets his wish.

But the trouble is, his cockiness has gotten well in the way of his preparedness as a fist flies catching him completely unaware. The high frame-rate on the camera catches his face completely scrambled as his head is spun around. He falls to the ground completely unconscious. The rest of the gang spring into action beginning something of an all-in brawl between the two groups.

The cameraman masterfully captures both the fight and close up images of the unconscious douche. He even finds time to provide running commentary, informing the audience and the dude that he ‘got knocked the f*ck out’. His close up also captures a swift kick to the unconscious guy’s head, which is a bit of a dog act.