Ricardo Mayorga Smacks The Soul Out Of UFC Fighter Din Thomas On Stage



Flashback | Lets take a look back at that time when Boxing legend Ricardo Mayorga and UFC veteran Din Thomas were supposed to fight at a Shine MMA event years back. Shine Fights was a new organization at the time looking to make it’s mark with a Boxing Vs. MMA fight to grab the attention of hardcore and casual fans alike.



The fight quickly became the biggest story in the MMA and Boxing communities but it didn’t grab the attention from the casual fans that Shine had hoped for. Rumors swirled that they were on the verge of cancelling the event until they threw a Hail Mary.



They held a press conference where the hype reached a boiling point in what fans and media call one of the greatest press conferences in combat sports history. Mayorga returned to his gangster ways crossing every line possible throughout the conference.

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Mayorga later blew smoke in Thomas’s face then smacked him causing massive chaos and bringing more hype to the event than Shine could have paid for. Take a look at one of the most epic press conferences where Mayorga uses his cigarette smoke to rattle Thomas before he smacks the fire out of him.