Real Life Wild West Cowboy Eliminates Gun Totting Street Thug At 7-Eleven

A Mexican butcher shop seems like the perfect scene for a bit of action. It’s nearly as if you expect some bad sh*t to go down in such a place, but you’d think it would be something more cartel-related. But that’s not what happens in the below clip taken from a Mexican butcher shop called ‘Dos Cajas’. In the clip, we see an armed robber enter, but what happens next is pretty damn cool. There is a white customer in the foreground who gives the robber more than he bargained for.

Sporting what is arguably the coolest look in Mexico, the gringo goes for a ‘modern gaucho’ look which is a cowboy hat, aviator sunglasses, excellent ‘womb-broom’ moustache and chewing a toothpick. He’s set up to throw down. After the robber initially points the gun at the cashier, the gringo has the gun pointed at him. Cool AF, he removes his sunglasses. If it were a movie, the action would be in slow motion. He takes a step away from the counter. Another customer then enters the frame behind the robber who spins around.

Not wasting a second, our gringo friend seizes the opportunity and launches himself at the robber managing to disarm him and grab him in a headlock. The two wrestle as chaos erupts. Butchers come in from the back in rubber boots and white, bloodstained coats. The cashier picks up the phone to call the cops, but we get the impression these guys want to deal out their own justice. And sweet justice it was. The robber manages to slip free and make a break for the front door.

But just as he’s about to gain his freedom, a butcher grabs him expertly by the throat and pins him down. From there three people wrestle him back into the shop and another butcher takes his gun and sticks it down the front of his pants. The footage is remarkable, not to be missed, and can be viewed below!