MMA Trained Teen Takes Out 4 Attackers In The Bathroom All By Himself

No one likes bullies. This is especially the case when the person who starts a fight then has his friends jump in on the unsuspecting victim. In this video, we see exactly that as a shirtless kid throws a complete sucker-punch in what appears to be a school toilet. Why the assailant is shirtless is never exactly made clear, but it does become immediately obvious that the kid he decided to pick on knows how to fight. The victim decides to not take the sucker-punch lying down.

Calmly raising his hands after eating the sucker-punch the kid connects with a clean right-straight on the bully’s body, displaying at least some evidence of past pugilistic tutelage. The bully realises he is dealing with someone with boxing skills. This doesn’t fly with the bully’s friends who probably didn’t expect the kid to put up so much resistance after the initial attack. The friends swarm the victim leading him to exclaim: “why you got four guys on me?”

The victim decides to not take the sucker-punch lying down. This still isn’t enough to faze him however, as he delivers a muay thai low-kick that knocks the bully off his feet as he bangs his head of a urinal. As is so often the case, the bully’s friends again intervene when the tide begins to seriously turn against their friend, allowing the bully the space to desperately clasp against the kid’s legs and slam him to the ground. Even with a numerical advantage on his side, the bully still ends up being out-wrestled after the slam.

In fact, the confrontation ends as they are broken up with the bully on his back, taking further punishment to the body. Despite having performed admirably, still getting the better of a confrontation that began when he was cheap-shotted and featured multiple interventions, the irate kid asks: “I got three, four guys on me? What the hell is this.” Just goes to show that if you can’t fight, no amount of cheap-shotting and backup is gonna save you from looking like a dick against a kid who knows how to defend himself.