Meet The Bare Knuckle Boxing Beast Who Fears No Man.

This is the story of one man’s incredible fight to overcome adversary in pursuit of his dream to become a champion bare-knuckle boxing competitions.

Matthew Thorn is from Doncaster, a large market town in South Yorkshire, England. Ever since he was a boy, he has wanted to be a boxing champion like his grandfather but one day, more than thirteen years ago, his dreams suffered a major setback.


On that day, he went to a surgeon in order to remove an abscess removed from his spine. He underwent what should have been a simple surgery to remove it but as Matthew explains it, “the anesthetist fu*ked up the mixture.”

The result of the blunder was a permanent and excruciating buzzing sound in the centre of his head. Now, more than 13 years on, and that buzzing has not stopped at all…

As a result of what occurred on that fateful day, Matthew lost everything in his life, including his dream of becoming a boxing champion like his grandfather. But at 46 years old of age, he refuses to give up, turning to his first passion of bare-knuckle boxing.

He believes that bare-knucker boxing is a purer form of the sport and hitting someone with bare hands is more raw and real than hitting someone while wearing heavy boxing gloves. As he describes it, boxing with gloves “is like wearing a pair of pillows on my hands”.


With a new lease on life, Matthew says he no longer feels fear or intimidation, claiming he will “fight any man, any weight, any size.”

Check out Matthew Thorn’s incredible story for yourself. It’s so bloody inspiring to see a guy like him overcome such massive adversary in order to punch dudes in the face. What a legend!