Kid Learns BJJ, Returns And Gets Revenge On The Bully Who’s Been Torturing Him

No one likes to be harassed, especially in the middle of their own street. Footage has emerged of two young boys in an American suburb, and while the audio is quite grainy, the video captured clearly shows an African American boy who is being bullied as a small crowd of kids gathers around. The video begins with a white kid in jeans walking up and standing incredibly close to his target, attempting to make him feel vulnerable and small. The boy who is being bullied stands toe to toe with his bully and appears to tell him to leave him alone, before walking out of the middle of the road and over to the side walk.

He picks up his shirt and school bag, and tries to get ready to leave. All the while the boy in the blue jeans stands only a foot or so behind him, before pushing his target in the back, making him stumble. Dropping his bag to the ground, the bullied boy tries to make his bully back off again, and continues to walk down to an intersection where an older man and presumably his wife are tending their garden. Walking across the road, the man calls out to the bully “leave him alone”, while his wife gives the bully a quick spray with the hose.

It does little to deter the bully though, and the boy finally drops his bag for the last time, stands toe to toe with his bully and and slams him to the asphalt. Landing in a shallow guillotine choke, the bullied boy starts to throw a few wild punches as they scuffle. The lady calls out “stop it” as the cameraman annoyingly yells out “Oh yeah, Terrance!” over and over. Eventually the bully makes it back to his feet, but is immediately taken back down to the ground, this time being slammed even harder.

He takes a few more punches to the head before the bullied boy locks up a rear naked choke. It’s at this point that the adults step in and break up the fight, which has spilled out into the middle of the road.