Kid Eats 14 Sucker Punches Before Switching On The ‘BEAST MODE’ Switch

‘The calm before the storm’ is an old nautical expression by which the waves on the sea were oddly calm when a storm was on the approach. Sailors would use this time to get as much done as possible to prepare for a ferocious onslaught. Generally the calmer the sea was, the more powerful the storm would be. The clip below shows this in human form when two friends punch on on some bleachers in the United States.

The two guys are part of the same friendship circle but are obviously going through a bit of a beef. One of them, a bigger kid taunts the smaller guy who sits on the bleachers and the assembled group knows something is about to go down. The phones are whipped out in anticipation. Perhaps they know something about the little guy that we don’t. Because, to look at him, he doesn’t seem like much!


Then the bigger kid gets fed up with talking and decides to unleash some action. He delivers a number of blows to the little guy’s head and face. Normally such a beating would send even the calmest of men into a frenzied rage. But no, the little guy sits there, like ‘The Thinker’ and just takes it. It’s not only a testament to his strength but also shows how terrible the bigger kid is at punching.

The little guy gives him a 14-punch head start, eventually flicking the switch inside him, rising up onto the bleachers and unleashing hell. He pounces on the bigger kid, delivering a number of strikes that land as he gets down to business. He then attempts to wrestle him to the ground, but the big kid is able to carry a=him and offload him near a fence.

From there strikes are traded and the bigger guy has his hood ripped over his head. The fire then goes out of the fight and the two friends decide to leave things there. The crowd of onlookers is awestruck by the little guy ’s transformation from geek to beast.