His name is ‘Goliath’ and he got knocked out so bad he had to be revived



The big boys in the cage deliver big, big hits. That is why we love them. There’s something about it when the big boys get in the ring for a rumble that you know that they both possess significant power, enough to knock the other guy out senseless. But sometimes this rings truer than other times as we see in the clip below where ‘Iron’ Raul Catinas absolutely caved Ricardo Van Den Bos at the Super Kombat kickboxing series a few years ago.



Despite being just 5’9”, Catinas packs a serious punch having taken down significantly larger fighters over his career. He knocked out 15 opponents on his way to notching up 24 professional victories in kickboxing before his abrupt retirement from the sport in 2015. But that is not to say that the Romanian is giving up fighting altogether. He has been training in MMA ever since with the hopes of taking the UFC or Bellator by storm in the coming years. And with power-to-weight like his, he would be sure to make waves.



Catinas has a funny way of taking away taller opponents’ reach advantages. His striking ability is so potent that often those who face him are left reeling and defenceless after his strikes land. This seems to be what happened here. Van Den Bos was on the ropes early in the first round after an aggressive opening from Catinas.


From there we can see in the footage that a huge left kick landed flush into the Dutchman’s ribs. After a slightly delayed reaction, we see the huge man grimace in pain, so much so that he lets his guard down. A swift follow-up left hook cannons into his jaw and it is lights out, goodnight to ‘The Boss’.


He is out before his head has finished spinning and he crashes to the mat with his eyes still open, but a chillingly blank expression on his face. He is in all sorts of trouble. The medics are immediately called in and try to revive him from his vegetative state but need the assistance of oxygen to do so. Needless to say the punch was delivered with significant force.