High School State Champion Wrestler Destroys The Biggest Bully On Campus



In the original Greek Olympic Games, one of the preeminent competitions was that of wrestling. Wrestling has existed in a number of forms throughout several distinct groups in history. After all, grappling to assert dominance is something that is even recorded in the animal kingdom, so it makes sense that people have codified the sport and searched for a champion.


Wrestling’s impact on the fledgling sport of MMA during the mid 90’s was immeasurable. When guys like Dan Severn, Mark Coleman, and Randy Couture entered the sport their years of experience allowed them to dictate where the fight took place. This means that if a wrestler is outgunned on the feet, they can bring the fight to the mat.



But if they were against a submission specialist, they could prevent them from bringing the fight to the ground. Olympic style wrestling. This is what makes wrestling so special as a method of self-defense. The goal of wrestling is to bring your opponent to the ground while avoiding them doing the same to you.


This is particularly useful in a street fight scenario as it allows you to keep the fight standing for as long as you feel comfortable. However, the minute you decide he’s going to the floor, he’s generally going to the floor. This multi-faceted fighting philosophy is embodied in this video.


When a bully squares up to a much smaller kid trying to start a fight, the smaller wrestling doesn’t need to be intimidated because he knows he can control the scrap. For a reason we here at Raw Daily don’t quite understand, just before the confrontation is about to get physical the wrestler drops his shorts to reveal another pair of shorts.

Maybe he thought he would be able to throw punches easier? Maybe he wanted to look good in case anyone recorded the fight? Why is he even wearing two pairs of shorts? Double shorts begins his superhero-like transformation … Anyway, the much larger bully clearly isn’t expecting what happens next.

The kid throws a thunderous right hand that audibly cracks the bully on the jaw. He then follows up with a blisteringly fast double leg takedown crashing his adversary’s back into a nearby table. Then as if it wasn’t already clear that the bully made a huge mistake messing with double shorts in the first place, the stocky wrestler cracks him with a final right hand on the ground for good measure. Double shorts drives in on double-leg takedown.

Best of all, it’s caught on camera for the whole school to see. Maybe next time the bully will think twice of messing with a kid that is prepared to change attires in an instant at the first hint of a fight.