Guy Says “White People Can’t Fight” Taught A Lesson He’ll Never Forget


Somewhat of a right of passage as a young male is to be part of an escalating verbal stoush that comes to blows. The potent mix of testosterone, alcohol and encouragement from bystanders is usually enough to see us forget our oral reasoning skills and let our fists do the talking. Such is the nature of the below video from the States. The video, filmed on a quiet street in the wee hours shows a tall white male engaging in some pretty heavy trash talk with a black guy in a red t-shirt. The black guy is touting his fighting ability and says the white guys can’t fight.

He is heard to say “you’re gonna die tonight!”. Well, that’s enough for the white guy who sets about teaching him a lesson he will never forget.After advancing right up into his grill, the white guy delivers a strong blow to the jaw of the black guy who absorbs it without flinching. He calmly walks over and gives the plastic bag he is carrying to a mate and resumes his position, ready to fight.


The crowd is well into it, egging them both on to get down to business. They are ready for an even contest as the white guy can obviously throw hands with the best of them. But it turns out to be a complete non-showing from the black guy and the white guy aggressively grabs him by the collar with his left hand, delivering strike after strike with his right.

The fight spills out onto the road where luckily no traffic is around at that hour. The white guy gets the stunned black guy onto the ground where, from a standing position, he repeatedly pounds his head until we see him get knocked out. The fight was pretty fair and spectators from both sides don’t even bother to get involved in defense of their friends.

Having gotten his point across, the adrenalised white guy storms off in his original direction and disappears. The black guy regains consciousness, but not his dignity as he slowly gets to his feet and enters a nearby hotel. His mates don’t help things by repeatedly reminding him that he just got his ass whooped. See the footage below.