Gangster Throwing Up Gang Signs At 7-Eleven Gets Destroyed By 26 Punch Combo

We do love it when a cocky gangster gets what is coming to him. There’s something about a pretender that just gets under our skin. Someone who is all talk and no action is just downright annoying and deserves to be put in their place. Belligerence has no real place on the streets and the below clip is a prime example of when a cocky idiot starts the wrong person.

The clip below opens outside a 7-eleven store where some passers-by are confronted by a shirtless guy spouting sh*t and trying to start something up. He is covered in tatts and has dog tags, presumably fake, around his neck. His pants are characteristically low around his waist and the top of his ratty underwear poke out the top. You would want to get yourself checked out by a medical professional after coming into contact with him let alone getting his blood on you. He flashes gang signs at the people passing by despite not appearing to have any fellow gang members there to back him up.

It is not long before talk turns to action. After receiving some equally aggressive words in return from the passer buy the two are ready to fight. The other guy, sporting dreadlocks, gives his jacket to his girlfriend in preparation – he is not going to let anything impede his ability to give this upstart a lesson he won’t forget.

As the fight starts, it takes on a classic brawling fashion with both men trading punches in close proximity. It is going to come down to a lucky strike that catches the other off guard. The 7-Eleven attendant screams at the cameraman to shut the door and the remainder of the fight is filmed through the glass.

Eventually, the fight makes its way over to a bin where the dreadlocked guy gets the upper hand. He knocks the wannabe gangster out but is not done yet as he continues his barrage of punches, about 20 in all, into the unconscious man’s head. But the gangster, who is slumped over the bin regains consciousness, flips his gang sign again and deludedly thinks he has won the fight.