Father Catches Daughters Ex-Boyfriend By Surprise After Abusive Text Messages



Kanye West’s new album Ye featured concluded with the brilliant song Violent Crimes.   Detailing amongst other things, the lengths that parents will go to to protect their children from harm.


“I’ll beat his ass, pray I beat the charges
No, daddy don’t play, not when it come to they daughters”


This encapsulates the idea that most self-respecting fathers are not gonna let their daughter’s boyfriend’s hurt their child without consequences. If what we see in this video is to be believed, this dad had every right to stand up for his daughter. The father finds his daughter’s ex in a gas station and wastes no time in telling him to get outside while joined by several of his friends.



Then, the girl’s dad tells him to get inside his car, alleging that he had called his daughter a slut. The dad is clearly enraged by the ex’s antics and slaps him while telling him to look at him in the eyes like a man. He goes on to issue a stern warning:

“If you look for my daughter one my time, you’re gonna f*cking regret it.” While that warning should’ve been the end of it, the confrontation did not end there. The girl’s new boyfriend is standing alongside the dad, waiting for his chance to strike. While the dad might have been justified in his seeking revenge, her new boyfriend is clearly just looking for a fight.

While the girl’s ex is distracted by her father, and despite the fact he has made clear that he just wants to leave, the new boyfriend throws a pair of swift right hands that land flush on the boy’s solar plexus.

As he walks away the new boyfriend taunts the cleary hurt ex. “I hope your f*cking ribs broken, n*gga.” What do you guy’s think? Did was dad out of line? Did the new boyfriend have any right to start throwing punches? Let us know in the comment section.