Commission Explains Jessica Aguilar’s ‘Worst Case Of Herpes Ever Seen’

Rising UFC female star Jessica Aguilar was supposed to main event the UFC fight night in Utica’s preliminary card tonight but her fight was cancelled.

Jessica initially blamed it on the “Horrible New York Commission” in an interview with UFC insider Ariel Helwani:


Here’s a quote from Jessica Aguilar on getting pulled moments ago from her UFC Utica fight over what she described as a “chapped lips” issue: “NY commission is horrible and don’t understand everything we go through to make it here. It’s absolutely crazy and heartbreaking.”

We spoke with a UFC official who told us that chapped lips were not the case. Here’s is what the official told us who wanted to remain nameless:

UFC Official: She arrived at the arena with an obvious outbreak of herpes, it’s one of the worst cases we’ve ever seen and couldn’t risk her opponent.”

The Commission released an official statement to MMAFighting:

New York State Athletic Commission:

“Medical personnel identified a potentially contagious medical condition. For the safety of the impacted fighter and her opponent, the fight was called off. UFC medical personnel were also consulted and concurred with the decision.”

“The reason the fight was canceled was because of the fighter’s condition on Friday, Aguilar’s condition worsened overnight.”

Aguilar allegedly put on makeup to cover up her condition and shot this video backstage after the incident: