Bully Forced To Fight Someone His Own Size After Smacking A Smaller Man


Basketball is a tough game, despite being non-contact. Players at all levels engage in pretty physical encounters and even more brutal trash talk. But this goes ten-fold for street ball. Nothing seems to be off limits for these guys as they seek every advantage on the court for local bragging rights. Whilst you have to love it when a bully gets his ass handed to him by a smaller opponent, that’s not what happens in the clip below. That’s because things get evened up pretty quickly.

The clip opens with a topless little guy covered in tatts in an all-out verbal stoush with a bigger guy. He has obviously said something a bit hurtful to the big guy that flicked his switch, turning him into a beast. When the little guy won’t explain things, the big guy resorts to violence, whipping off his shirt revealing a very decent rig, capable of absolutely destroying the smaller guy. He puts his hands up ready to go, but luckily for the small guy, another big guy intervenes. Not willing to see his buddy get into a broken mess, the other guy steps up.


We now have topless big guy vs t-shirt wearing big guy who square off against each other. The t-shirt guy opens his arms, inviting the shirtless guy, who looks to be a pretty decent boxer, to come and hit him. Accepting the kind gesture, the topless guy puts him on his ass. Diving in for a bit more, the fight is awfully one-sided.

The shirtless guy is proving fast, that he doesn’t care who he fights, he will clean them up.Bystanders step in to try to stop the brawl, but the two men have both got blinkers on by this point. The cameraman loves the scene as it unfolds. Panning back, we see that the first little guy has had someone accept a fight with him. It looks like an appropriate match too, with both men equally sized and holding their own. All this over a little disagreement and trash talk in basketball… Check it out here.