Amanda Nunes Releases Statement On Why She Won’t Fight Cyborg Anymore.


Since Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino dominated Holly Holm last year, UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes has been giving interview after interview about wanting to face Cyborg next in a super fight.

At first Cyborg disagreed because she didn’t want to take a belt from a fellow Brazilian. But after Cyborg demolished Yana, she accepted the fight with Nunes in the post fight interview.

UFC president Dana White announced that the fight will 100% happen this summer and issued contracts. Cyborg signed hers but Nunes had a change of heart and wanted until September to get ready.

Cyborg agreed. Now Nunes doesn’t want the fight in September, and she explains why in a statement:
Amanda Nunes
In an interview with The UFC unfiltered Podcast, the champ explained, “When I texted Dana White that I wanted the fight, I didn’t have nobody in my division. I didn’t even know if I was gonna fight soon. I was concerned with waiting years because I’ve been in that position before, waiting so long for a fight, I don’t want to do it again and stay waiting, waiting, waiting.” “But now, we have Rocky [Pennington] and we have the Brazilian, Ketlen [Vieira] and I feel like my division is starting to grow. If you pay attention, the division’s gonna be awesome and now I have two. I have Rocky and I have Ketlen. Rocky is my next step and I want to see Ketlen after, for sure.”