All By Herself, 1 Savage Woman Gets Jumped By 2 Men And Knocks Them Both Out Cold

Gas stations tend to be the scene of many fights that break out. Maybe it’s the fumes, maybe it’s the engines, but there is something that makes tempers as volatile as the fuel that is pumped out of the bowsers. A prime example of this is seen in the clip below which sees a woman annihilate two men who run up on her and a friend at a gas station in the USA.

We don’t see what has gone on in the lead up to the first punch being thrown, but it is pretty clear that the men have had a fair bit to drink. So much that they have let their standards of judgment drop considerably and are attacking a woman without any real reason. One of the men lunges and tries to punch the woman who is wearing a big long flowy colorful dress.

Well, his shot misses by a fair margin, allowing the woman, who certainly knows how to handle herself, the opportunity to rain blows upon him. He cowers away, trying to defend himself against the barrage, but it is no good as the strong woman drags him to the ground and begins to smack him up from her standing position.

The masterful display is intervened by a shirtless man who tries to drag her away, but she is having none of it. She turns her attention to him, She uses his momentum to throw him to the ground before following him and unleashing an onslaught of fists and elbows on the man. In the fray, it seems her dress has become undone and her entire top half is exposed during the remainder of the clip.

The primal action continues for some time with more skirmishes breaking out. By the end of the clip, the woman has done away with the dress and returns to her car completely naked. The display of strength is absolutely incredible and shows that there are women out there that are not to be messed with. Check it out: