Affluenza Teen Knocks Out An Innocent Kid With Cerebral Palsy

Please be warned before reading on – the following article contains footage which some people may find disturbing. Unprovoked attacks on unsuspecting members of the public are never pleasant to watch but when it’s on a kid with Down Syndrome, it’s just bloody heart breaking. This clip is of a teenage girl attacking a boy who suffers from both Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. Following the incident, she’s claimed that he “asked for it”, making excuses up rather than actually doing the decent thing and apologizing.

As you can clearly see, despite her claims to the contrary, he doesn’t appear to be acting hostile. Sure, he does shout a bit but that’s absolutely no excuse for what she does in response. Following the outcry about the video, the girl took to Facebook to post one of the most unapologetic apologies you’re ever likely to read (you know it’s gonna be a goodin when it starts off with “ALRIGHT C*NTS”). Afterwards, there was a virtual “bounty” on her head after Facebook page Most Wanted Lads posted the video in the hope that someone would recognise her and dob her in.

The video was accompanied by this caption: “Since when is it ok to f-cking do this to a disable person or anyone in general, wtf is wrong with people these days. Ya all sick fucking people who deserve to be jailed for life. This just makes me sick please check the comments you will see what the scum did after”

s things progressed further, she backtracked a little, offering a slightly improved “apology”. It’s still clearly an attempt to shift the blame onto her victim but at least she appears to be remorseful. Hopefully, this piece of social justice is a lesson for anyone who thinks its okay to pick on disabled people in the future. I mean, picking on anyone is a sh*t thing to do but if the person has learning disabilities, well, that makes you a special kind of scum!