BREAKING NEWS | Conor McGregor Returns At UFC 213 & You Won’t Believe The Matchup

It looks like the Boxing match with Floyd Mayweather has been put on ice as UFC Champion Conor McGregor refuses to give up 50% of his fight purse to the UFC. Sources inside the situation tell us that instead, Conor will fight out the remainder of his UFC contract as fast as he can so he will be freed up to face Mayweather sometime next year without the UFC. Conor McGregor recently posted a video (below) saying that he will be making his next fight announcement soon.

UFC welterweight champion took to social media today to announce the first day of his training camp for his next title fight. According to a source inside the American Top Team camp, “They’re already prepping for McGregor, they had a guy mimicking him today in training.” They also told us he’s fighting the first week of July which can be no other than UFC 213.Check it out.


Conor McGregor’s Coach John Kavanagh

“I’d fancy him in there with Woodley,” Kavanagh said during a Q&A session in Australia. “He’s just another wrestler with an overhand right, and that’s the type Conor grew up knocking out.

“So I wouldn’t see a massive challenge in that.”