Jon Jones “I Never Cheated, I’m Innocent & I Have A Huge D*ck!”


Last year, former UFC Champion Jon Jones was pulled from his title bout with Daniel Cormier after testing positive for Estrogen blockers and was suspended by the USADA for 1 year. Last weekend Jon held a press conference where he claimed that he was found innocent. Check it out.

“I have never cheated in this sport. Every once of my success has been hard work, dedication, focus, and a lot of God’s grace. I’ve never cheated in this sport,” he said during a recent press conference in Buffalo, N.Y. “Had I cheated there would have been a much more strict punishment. I got the minimum because I was proven innocent.”

“What USADA told me was that I am guilty of not going through the proper steps to prevent the whole situation from happening. That was the only thing that I was guilty of,”

“I had that estrogen blocker in my system. There was never any steroids ever found in my system. My testosterone levels have never fluctuated. If someone wants to call me a steroid user, that is 1,000-percent false. Steroids have never been found in my system. I was guilty of having an estrogen blocker in my system and we found the exact pill that the estrogen blockers came from. USADA themselves tested the pills, and they found that it was a tainted supplement. These are 1,000-percent facts.”

“I don’t feel like I’ll be labeled as being a steroid user throughout my career because, quite frankly, I’ve never had steroids in my system,” he said. “I have guilty of having an estrogen blocker in my system, which is not performance enhancing at all.”