Jose Aldo Also Offered An Interim Title Fight At UFC 209!!!



Earlier we reported that Nate Diaz was offered an interim title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 209, but it turns out that he wasn’t the only one called up. Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo spoke with Ariel Helwani and is now claiming that he was offered a fight with Khabib who’s father decided to turn it down. Check it out.

So, in the end, do you think you will fight Max Holloway in Brooklyn on Feb. 11?
No, the Brooklyn fight is not happening. I now expect and believe I will be fighting in early March. Either March 3 or March 4, I can’t remember. I believe they will soon announce an interim lightweight title fight with me. They’ve been trying to find me an opponent, and — surprise, surprise — at least one has already turned down the fight against me. I’m waiting to see who they will find.

Wow. I didn’t expect that. Who turned it down?
You gotta ask the UFC that. They’ve asked me not to say anything. I won’t say who it is because it’s a surprise. A guy we never thought would turn it down turned it down, because his father didn’t think it was good. I’m tired of people turning down fights. I want to put some pressure so they’ll take the fight.