UFC Offers Jose Aldo Money To Keep His Mouth Shut!

Former UFC Champion Jose Aldo has been very vocal about being mistreated by the UFC. In the past Jose spoke out about the fighters needing a union but the fighters need to be united first. In a new interview with MMAFighting Jose Aldo reveals the reason why he stopped those talks. Check it out:


Jose Aldo:
Not only now that I’m the one being affected, but I always talked about it and defended better things for Brazilian athletes. In a conversation, Dana himself came and told me not to take anyone’s sides because the cake would be split the same for everyone, but I could get a bigger slice if I stayed quiet.”

“We should have that a long time ago already, Pepper in other’s ass is refreshment. When everyone can talk, nobody does, but when you feel it yourself… I think our class is disorganized, disunited. If we were more united, it would be better, for sure. Nobody would do what they want with us.

“Today, they pay two, five, 10 thousand to fight in the UFC. This class is fucking disunited. It would be completely different for Brazilians if we were more united, not only in MMA.”