Conor McGregor Threatens Gegard Mousasi With A Knife For His Comments.



UFC Middleweight Contender Gegard Mousasi went off on Conor McGregor at the UFC 204 post fight press conference last weekend. According to an interview with FloCombat, Gegard says that Conor threatened him with a knife, check it out.

Gegard Mousasi:

“People liked it, I just spoke the truth. Sometimes you have to say stupid sh*t before people notice you. I got a private message from Conor McGregor. He was cursing at me, the little f**k. He was threatening me. I said ‘What are you going to do with your 50 kilos?’ The f****r was threatening me with a knife. He knows I could beat his ass any day.”
“I said some stuff that I didn’t mean,I said ‘People don’t know who the real fighter is or not.’ Of course he’s a top fighter. English is not my first language and I just blurt stuff out sometimes. I thought it was funny that he was messaging me.”