The Top 10 One Hitter Quitters In Boxing History.

By Wilmar Patino:
We all remember that moment, the sudden halt in action during a Boxing match. When you hear that resounding thud of a one punch knockout that seemed to come out of nowhere. There have been many big fights that had our jaws drop when that one big blow lands on an opponent’s face and takes his lights out. Today we reminisce on some of these moments as we look back on 10 of the most shocking one punch knockouts in recent times. Down below is a list of just 10 such moments in the sport of Boxing.
1. Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan – Leading up to the buildup of the fight many fans questioned Canelo’s ability to deal with Khan’s speed and Boxing skills. At the same time, many Boxing fans and experts alike questioned Amir Khan’s ability to take Canelo’s punch 2 weight classes above his own. The fight had Amir Khan finding some good moments during the fight, with most ringside observers having Amir Khan ahead in the fight after avoiding big shots from Canelo through the first 6 rounds. Then with around 30 seconds left of the 6th round Canelo lands a monstrous one shot blow that ended the fight. Causing a lot of concern in the arena that night as Amir Khan laid motionless for over a minute.
2. Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez 2 – In the rematch of their classic first encounter, Paul Williams came into this fight a slight favorite and Sergio Martinez came in with a chip on his shoulder. Both men wanted to give more clarity to the fans on who was the better fighter. Early on it seemed like Paul Williams was having success while Sergio Martinez was getting closer to landing the big shots. As the fight progressed it seemed that Martinez was finding ways to set traps and counter Williams. Nearly 1 minute into round 2 Sergio Martinez would land an explosive left hand as Paul Williams was throwing one of his own. The punch was heard throughout the venue when that crushing blow landed. What made this surprising was that Paul Williams was known to have a granite chin. That night Sergio Martinez silenced the critics with one punch.
3. Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton – On this night Ricky Hatton was defending his IBO and Ring/Lineal titles. Manny Pacquiao was looking to pick up yet another belt in another weight class. Freddie Roach promised that Pacquiao would end it within 3 rounds. After a couple knockdowns, Manny Pacquiao landed what would later be his most memorable knockout when he connected a left hook to Ricky Hatton’s jaw, dropping him down and out for the count before the end of round 2.

4. Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4 – After one of the best trilogies in Boxing history Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez met for a 4th and final time. Marquez was able to drop Pacquiao with a single blow for the first time in over 3 dozen rounds after feinting a body shot and going upstairs. Pacquiao would later return the favor with a flash knockdown and proceeded to slowly take over the fight. In the final seconds of the 6th round, Marquez shocked the world when he landed a perfect right hand just as Pacquiao was coming in with his hands down. This would turn out to be one of the most memorable one punch knockout in the history of the sport.
5. Deontay Wilder vs Artur Spzilka – Coming into this fight Artur Spzilka was a little known fighter with a lot of confidence. Deontay Wilder was looking to retain his WBC championship and seemed to be in for a tough night. Spzilka found success throughout the fight and was having a good round when the unexpected happened. Deontay Wilder timed Spzilka and landed a punch that knocked the senses out of Artur Spzilka. Fans and observers alike were in shock and concerned when Spzilka would end up in a stretcher and sent to the emergency room soon after.
6. Andy Lee vs Julius Jackson – In this particular fight Andy Lee was looking to remain relevant in the sport as he took on Julian “The Hawk” Jackson’s son Julius Jackson, in a thrilling fight. Jackson had knocked Andy Lee down and was hurting Lee on the ropes. Lee managed to escape off the ropes and as he was backing away Jackson came in to finish the job. Jackson threw a right hand as Lee took a step back and countered with a right hook that ended Jackson’s night. It was an incredible comeback at a crucial time of the fight and Lee’s career.
7. Nonito Donaire vs Vic Darchinyan – Vic Darchinyan came into this fight as a heavy favorite when he faced off then little known Nonito Donaire. Darchinyan was seen as the bigger puncher when Donaire landed a bomb in the 5th round. Darchinyan would not be able to recover and the knockout is forever embedded in the highlight reels of Boxing. This would launch Nonito Donaire to stardom and mark the beginning of the end for Darchinyan as a top level fighter.
8. Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales 2 – In a rematch of young lion vs old lion, Danny Garcia found more success this time around against Erik Morales. In the 4th round Danny Garcia connected a no look left hook as Erik Morales was winding up one of his own. The impact spun Erik Morales around and had him land awkwardly through the ropes. It marked the arrival of a future Boxing star in Danny Garcia.
9. Adonis Stevenson vs Chad Dawson – In a fight for the WBC championship Chad Dawson came in as the favorite. Adonis Stevenson was not well known yet, but he changed that around with one thudding shot to Chad Dawson’s temple. Dawson went down and tried to get back up, but didn’t have his legs under him and the ref made a good decision by stopping the fight in the 1st round. Shocking the fans in the arena and those watching around the world.
10. Carl Froch vs George Groves 2 – On an unforgettable night in a sold-out stadium at Wembley, Carl Froch landed an amazing right hand on George Groves chin in front of 80,000 screaming fans. After 8 competitive rounds Carl Froch ended the night early by timing George Groves and aggressively throwing a right cross that had George Groves unconscious the second it landed. Groves fell awkwardly to the ground and Froch has since taken every chance he’s had to remind us of his final moment of glory. An impressive and shocking knockout that we won’t forget!