BREAKING NEWS | New Details Emerge, UFC’s Josh Samman Fighting For His Life.

Reports surfaced earlier today that Ultimate Fighter veteran and current UFC contender Josh Samman was found by a friend in his apartment unresponsive. Someone close to the situation first broke the news on Reddit.

    A source close to the situation says that what happened was a heroin overdose, Samman was comatose with a the needle still in his arm while his friend, Troy Kirkingburg who is an MMA announcer for local Florida promotions was dead on arrival. Samman was immediately rushed to the hospital where he is now in intensive care fighting for his life. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


Statement from Josh Samman’s Mother:

“Josh is still in a coma, and more tests are being done. That is the latest update on my son’s condition,And in spite of speculation, there was no heroin found in Josh’s system whatsoever. No matter what people are posting on social media. The reason I am making this statement is, because Josh touched so many lives, and loved inspiring others, especially young people.   I don’t want them to lose faith in him, and whatever he brought out in them, because of the lies.  He would want them to “never give up.”