The Fight That Ended Jeff “Left Hook” Lacey’s Career vs Joe Calzaghe

On March 5, 2006, at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England, Lacy lost his title to Joe Calzaghe. Despite being a favorite going into the fight, Lacy lost by a unanimous points decision and was knocked down in the twelfth round. Lacy, who had promised a knockout victory pre fight, was the betting favorite largely due to his age and the nature of his recent title defenses. He started the fight very aggressively but was immediately troubled by Calzaghe’s toughness and hand speed. Lacy was hit with a plethora of hurtful punches as Calzaghe managed to consistently land a staggeringly high volume of shots. Lacy continued to try and feint his way in quickly to land his famous left hook but Calzaghe was able to evade or ride the shot. As the match wore on Lacy became increasingly disheartened, and his face a bloody mess. The fight became more and more punishing throughout the middle, and into the later rounds with many expecting the referee to halt the action and save Lacy from such a horrendous beating. To the criticism of onlookers, Lacy’s corner continued with the fight in the belief that he could still turn the fight around with one punch. In the end the result was extremely one sided with final scores of 119-105, 119-107 and 119-107. A point deducted from Calzaghe in the 11th round was all that prevented Lacy from losing every round on every card. Many observers have been vocal in their belief that the nature of the loss to Calzaghe meant that Lacy was from then on a shell of his former self. Watch here as both fighters relive this epic fight round for round detailing this epic classic.