VIDEO | Vasyl Lomachenko Training Like An Absolute Monster.

By: Wilmar Patino

Vasyl “Hi tech” Lomachenko (6-1 4 KO’s) is one of the most decorated amateurs in Boxing history. Holding an amateur record of 396-1 and 2 Olympic gold medals. Not to mention he avenged his 1 amateur loss and has won 2 titles in 2 separate weight classes as a pro. Today we take a quick look at how he became so damn good and skillful. It begins from the bottom and has a lot to do with his training methods. As seen in the video below Vasyl Lomachenko has some unconventional training methods that he has mastered throughout the years.


Vasyl Lomachenko has been raised with Boxing in his blood instilled by his father and trainer Anatoly Lomachenko. A journey they began together long ago and haven’t stopped since. As a young child, Lomachenko was taught and able to do different variations of hand stands. Using his palms or fists he would stand on his 2 hands, and walk a few meters to build strength and balance. Today you can see him using these methods in training camp, walking back and forth across the ring on his hands. In addition to that, he can do pushups while doing a handstand which is extremely difficult to do.


Vasyl Lomachenko uses a tennis ball for hand and eye coordination. punching a loose tennis ball on to a wall and stopping it from hitting the ground by continuing to punch it back on to the wall. This isn’t the only use he makes of a tennis ball, he also has a head band with a string that he punches for accuracy. It can be incredible to watch, it’s all Boxing related and can be useful in the ring as you know Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the most accurate punchers today. One of his most unconventional training methods is his use of a schultz table. It is a table of numbers from 1-25 used to increase reading speed, improve attention and widen eye span. If that’s not impressive I don’t know what is, but you can see that Vasyl Lomachenko takes his training seriously. No wonder in just 7 fights, he has gained 2 titles in 2 divisions, and is ranked in the top 10 pound for pound fighters in the world today.