The Tragedy That Was Heavyweight Boxing Great Ike Ibeabuchi.

After winning 16 straight fights from the start of his career, Ike made a big jump in competition and fought undefeated prospect David Tua for the WBC Intercontinental title on June 7, 1997. Tua was 27-0 and considered by many analysts to be ‘the next Mike Tyson’.Both boxers threw bombs and neither took a backward step all night. Ibeabuchi and Tua set a Compu Stat heavyweight division record with 1,730 punches thrown. Ike also set the individual Compu Stat record by throwing 975 punches and averaging 81 per round. The heavyweight average is around 50.
Ibeabuchi won a unanimous 12 round decision over Tua with scores of 117-111, 116-113, and 115-114. The fight established Ibeabuchi as the top contender for the world heavyweight title. Ibeabuchi was sentenced to two to ten years for battery with intent to commit a crime (from which he was later paroled), and three to 20 years for attempted sexual assult, with the sentences to be served consecutive and was just released in November of 2015. In April of 2016, Ibeabuchi was arrested in Gilbert, Arizona for probation violation and the story ends here. Check out the incredible highlights from his short career with a record of 20-0 and 15 knockouts.