That Time Errol Spence Gave Floyd Mayweather A Black Eye.

Pretty Boy Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., one the best pound for pound fighters off all time has given high praise for the up and coming fighter Spence Jr. especially after they sparred in the ring together. The calm, cool and collected boxer addressed his own growing legend and how difficult it is to not buy into his own hype and look past an opponent most believe he will dominate.
“I’m aware of the stories about me,” the modest Spence said with a grin without confirming or denying anything about those sparring sessions. However, he didn’t exactly shy away from the idea that he’s given both Mayweather and Broner hell inside the ring.
“(Mayweather and Broner) are a little bit more seasoned than me as veterans but when it comes to skills, I’m up to par with both of them,” he continued. “Our sparring sessions are very intense like a real fight.”
Spence says that the most important thing that Mayweather has instilled in him was to take every fight seriously. Although he preferred to showcase his talent against a slugger like Garcia, Spence says he was mentally prepared to face anyone at anytime because a slight misstep can cost you your career.