Is Errol Spence Jr.The Next Great Prize Fighter Of The New Generation?

Remember the story about that black eye Spence supposedly gave Mayweather? Well, the five-division world champion wouldn’t concede to that. But did explain to that it was Spence that helped Mayweather sharpen his blades after his brief prison stint in 2012.
“When I was getting ready for Robert Guerrero, who is a southpaw, the first guy I started looking to spar with was a southpaw and Errol (Spence Jr.) was giving me really good work,” Mayweather explained with extra emphasis on the word “really.” At the time, Spence had only three professional fights but Mayweather liked what he saw out the product out of Dallas, Texas. “He pushed me hard and made me get in tip top condition. And once I was in tip top condition, I was ready and the best I could be. He’s a hell of a fighter.”

Mayweather isn’t the type of person to shower any fighter outside his camp with praise. However, he clearly doesn’t have a problem suggesting that Spence could quite possibly take a seat among boxing royalty sooner than later.
“I think his next fight should be against Keith Thurman for a world title,” Mayweather continued. “He’s ready.” Don’t believe the Errol Spence Jr. Hype? Just check out this video and you might change your mind.