Extra TV Host Still Giddy Over Her Experience With Nate Diaz.

Extra TV Host Charissa Thompson spoke with Rolling Stone Magazine about her experience with UFC superstar Nate Diaz on her talk show. Check it out.


Extra TV host Charissa Thompson
“He drew one of the biggest crowds that we’ve had, I thought he was wonderful. I had never met him but knowing his reputation before the interview, now when the name Nate Diaz comes up I think, Wow, he’s wonderful. I have nothing but good things to say about him.

“I could see he was like, ‘Wow, because of what I just did I’m on a different level. There was something sweet and endearing about his shyness and the juxtaposition of who he is in the Octagon. Mike Tyson for example is always that person I would relate someone like a Nate Diaz to because they will kill you in their respective sport but then you get them outside and you want to hug them. They’re lovable.”