Nick Diaz SUSPENDED & Pulled From Brother Nate Diaz’s Corner At UFC 202


UFC Superstar Nick Diaz is still suspended according to the NSAC who spoke with Fox Sports via email. Apparently Nick still owes part of his fine from his previous suspension and will not be allowed in his brother Nate Diaz’s corner on the biggest night of his career. Check it out.


Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett

“As of this date Nick Diaz is not permitted to work the corner of his brother Nate because he is still suspended,”

“I contacted the UFC two-to-three weeks ago regarding Nevada Administrative Code 467 in an effort to clarify and confirm the conditions that would allow Nick to work Nate’s corner. The Nevada State Athletic Commission made a concerted effort to keep everyone involved in the fight regarding our Codes as we thought Nate would request his brother to work his corner. Additionally we provided them information as to who to contact at the Attorney General’s Office in an effort for Nick to be in compliance with his written settlement/agreement. I was informed by the UFC they contacted Nick and/or his manager and advised them what our regulations require to accommodate the possible request.”