Fighting For Fidel – A Cuban Boxing Miracle

When Fidel Castro banned professional sports from Cuba in 1962, the dreams of thousands of fighters died along with the notion that El Presidente would establish a democratic government. In the decade that preceded Castro’s revolution, many world class fighters came from Cuba. Who knows how many more would have emerged if not for the ban. As the revolution triumphed and communism took over the island, new dreams were sold to fighters. Don’t fight for money, fight for Cuba. Don’t Fight for fame,
fight for pride. Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel! Cuba, a nation of more than 11 million people and about the size of Pennsylvania, has produced an alarming number of Olympic Champions. Cuba boasts an amateur team that dominated international competition for Three decades. The mystique of the Cuban National team remains potent even as Communism crumbled throughout the world. It remains a source of pride for a country that is decaying structurally and financially.