Freddie Roach Admits That Terence Crawford Is Too “Tough” For Manny Pacquiao

Legendary Boxing trainer Freddie Roach coached Viktor Postol to a dominating decision loss versus Terence Crawford. Freddie spoke with Boxing Scene about the possibilities of a fight with Manny Pacquiao. Check it out.

“It’s a very tough match-up, Crawford showed that he can move for twelve rounds, he can run for twelve rounds.  But y’know, in-between the running and so forth, when he does land punches he does land really powerful punches. He hurt my guy a lot. I know Postol’s got a pretty good chin,”so Crawford’s a pretty good puncher, he hits hard and he moves very well and emulates Mayweather quite a bit, I think. I think he’s like a young Mayweather, right now.”

“You know what, with Manny in the senate and I have to go to the Philippines and so forth to train him and with all the confusion going on – I don’t think I’m going to accept that fight or want that fight right away. I mean give me one warm-up fight and give me a fight right after that and we can talk.”