Nate Diaz – “I’ve already learned that everybody is on steroids”


UFC Superstar Nate Diaz sat down with Esquire Magazine recently for a lengthy interview. The topic came up about steroids in MMA and Diaz explained how he deals with it. Check it out.


Before the Conor fight, you said, “Everyone is on steroids.” Do you really believe that? And if so, is it hard to prepare for someone knowing they have that advantage?

I’ve been preparing for that my whole career. I’ve already learned that everybody is on steroids. I’m cool with it, I don’t care… You could be as strong as you want, and I say it’s all good. You do your steroids and I’ll smoke my medical marijuana and then we can get our fight on. I’m not really worried about it… Not that I’m gonna do that. But if you’re gonna do steroids, we can do that, it’s whatever.