VIDEO: BANNED From Team Alpha Male TJ Dillashaw Believes “Uriah Shouldn’t of Talked About Ludwig” Cody Garbrandt Thinks “He’s Playing The Victim”

After Uriah Faber sent the message heard worldwide that UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw can’t show his face at Team Alpha Male anymore, it’s only commonplace that TJ get’s his chance to respond.  Some excerpts below from his interview:

“I thought Urijah took it a little bit harder than I thought he would take it,” he told Ariel Helwani. “I thought he was going to understand my position and understand where I’m at and kind of feel that he put me in this position.”

“My plan was, I told Urijah, look man, I’ve got a big fight coming up, I’ve got to do what I believe is best for me to ready for this fight and that’s doing my whole camp in Colorado,” he said. “You know, I split it half-and-half in this last camp and it was really tough. It was hard to do, going back and forth. I felt, with the team I have out there, with the coaches I have out there, I felt more comfortable spending my camp out there.

“And he took it pretty hard. I was actually forced out of the gym. I’m not allowed to work out at Alpha Male anymore because of that decision I made. I live in Sacramento, and I’ve lived in Sacramento for the last six years. I’ve been putting in a lot of work here and helping the guys out as much as possible…I mean, shoot, I teach kickboxing classes here on Mondays and Thursdays. That’s just not really going to fly with me when I get into camp. It’s tough for someone to understand, I’ve put my heart and soul into this team as much as I possibly can [and] to kick me out of the gym. I’m not allowed to show my face at Alpha Male, which is kind of crazy to me.”

UFC up and comer Cody Garbrant responded in kind:

“It was his (Dillashaw’s) decision to leave, just like he could’ve stayed,” Garbrandt said. “It was a grown-man decision for him to leave. If we’re not good enough for you, then why are you going to come in the gym and train with us then go out to Colorado and do your training there?

“I think he was playing the victim, and it’s like, we’re all tight with him, it’s cool, (but) it’s just making it harder. Do you want to stay with us or do you want to be out there? You can’t be in-between.”